• In Reception, we ask that you read at home with your child at least five times a week. Parents need to record the date and title of books shared and make a more detailed comment just once a week. This might be a comment your child has made about the story, or they may choose to draw a picture in response and as the year goes on,  it will progress to words and/or sentences. This needs to go in their Reading Diary.
  • Research has proven that children that read regularly with their parents are much more likely to do well at school!
  • Parents are invited to change books with their children after school. This can be daily or weekly.
  • Children may choose a book from the banded boxes (with coloured stickers on) and a book from our Book Corner collection.
  • The banded books are predominantly there to help your child learn to read. Please read the banded books to your child first, then read again taking turns and finger pointing or reading.
  • The Book Corner collection are mostly for the adult to read to the child. These books help establish that reading is a wonderful activity. 
  • Parents must find a quiet calm time to share stories with their children. The time you do this will be different for each family.

Tapestry – Our Online Learning Journal

Tapestry Log In

All parents have a log in to access their child’s learning journal. Parents or any carers can have an account to add any wonderful ‘wow’ moments that happen at home.  You can also comment or ‘like’ teacher observations. 


  • Water bottles every day - only water in them please
  • Children to bring a snack of fruit or vegetables each day
  • No water bottles or food in book bags please
  • To allow children to become more independent, please encourage them to put their own things away i.e. book bags, coats, water bottles etc.
  • Children need coats every day
  • Parents are requested to stand back from the classroom at the end of the day so that children do not feel overwhelmed and can see their adults
  • We welcome parents in to chat about reading or any other matters at the end of the day.

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