In teaching History we aim to inspire a sense of curiosity to learn about the past; to develop a depth of knowledge about the past as well as to know about History in our locality.  During History learning we teach children to develop their research and communication skills. Children are encouraged to be open minded and become enquiring thinkers who can compare, contrast and develop an understanding of cause and effect. We want them to question how people have lived in the past, to examine how and why things have changed and their influence on the present. 


‚ÄčEvery year group follows at least one History based learning journey during the academic year.  Cross curricular links are made wherever possible and we provide opportunities for children to consolidate their understanding of History through ‘Stunning Starts’, ‘Marvellous Middles’ and ‘Fabulous Finishes’.  Learning is made meaningful through handling real artefacts, field work visits to sites of historical interest and the personal history of individuals in the local community who can share their experiences of the past with the children.


For each Historical learning journey teachers provide opportunities for ‘Impact Catchers’, for example, mind maps showing knowledge at the beginning of a topic and then at the end.  We have a Whole School Portfolio of History learning, which shows evidence of the knowledge learnt as well as the skills covered.  ‘Pupil voice’ interviews shows evidence of children talking enthusiastically about their Historical learning journeys.



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