What do we do?

The St Margaret's Parent Teacher Association (PTFA),  is an organisation (and registered charity) of parents and staff. Its role is to encourage closer links between home and school. We are are best known for our fundraising work, but we have a useful social function too. Fundraising events provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to get together.

How is the PTFA organised?

All parents/carers and teachers are automatically members of the PTFA.

We hold our annual general meeting in September, at the start of the school year. At this meeting a committee is elected to run the PTFA – usually consisting of a chair, a vice-chair, a treasurer, a secretary and ordinary committee members. 

PTFA committees usually meet once a month and set up smaller working groups to organise individual events.

How is money raised?

We raise money through events, and sponsorship. We hold two main events each school year –  a Christmas fair in the winter, and a summer fair. Other PTFA events include, discos, movie nights. We’re always looking for new fundraising ideas.

How is money spent?

Funds raised by the PTA are intended to provide ‘extras’ not already provided by the school's main income – often 'fun things' that make learning more interesting and exciting.

The PTA committee and the headteacher decide how to spend PTFA funds. Common items include computers, playground equipment, a school minibus and smaller purchases such as presents for Father Christmas to distribute.

How can I be involved in my PTA?

There are many different ways you can help with the PTFA, whether you have lots of time to offer or not.

Some of the roles can require some time input, but are also rewarding. If you can’t commit to a big job, look out for things you can do less frequently (eg running a stall at the summer fair, baking for a cake sale). And you can always support PTFA events by simply turning up.

We are a friendly enthusiastic team of parents, whose goal is to make as much money for St Margaret's school as possible, therefore helping our children learn with the best facilities and in the best environment. 

As has already been said, we are always looking for new ideas, and parents to get involved and help out. Whatever we do we put the emphasis on the kids having a great time, and as a result we have a lot of fun organising the events.

St Margaret's PTFA Committee.

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