Our school uniform

School Uniform

The Governors feel that the wearing of school uniform by all children promotes a smart, positive image of the school, and we therefore urge all parents to accept and conform to this requirement. School uniform may be ordered from Taylor made Uniforms. www.taylormadeuniforms or My Clothing My Clothing.com.

Second-hand uniform is available from the PTFA. Please enquire at the school office for further details. 

  • Grey skirt/pinafore or trousers/shorts (not black)
  • White or sky blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue cardigan or sweatshirt ideally with St. Margaret’s logo
  • Plain grey or white socks or tights
  • Sky blue and white check dress may be worn (in warmer weather)
  • White or sky blue polo shirt

Outdoor Wear

All girls and boys are expected to bring a waterproof coat to school each day. Royal blue fleeces with St. Margaret’s logo may be worn as an outdoor garment. We recommend the wearing of sun hats in the playground during hot weather.

PE Kit

Yellow House of
St David 
Red House of
St George
Green House of
St Patrick
Blue House of
St Andrew

All children should wear royal blue PE shorts and their house colour t-shirt; black tracksuit or jogging bottoms should be worn for outdoor use in cold weather; white or royal blue socks. Parents will be notified of specialist kit for example football boots or swimwear at the appropriate time.

Suitable Footwear

Both boys and girls should at all times wear dark flat shoes, either black or brown, that are of an appropriate style (not trainers), except for PE lessons when all children must wear training shoes for outdoor games sessions. During the summer term lightweight dark sandals may be worn as school shoes but these must have a closed-in toe.

Personal Jewellery

West Sussex County Council regulations state that jewellery of any kind must not be worn during PE lessons or any other physical activities. Stud earrings are permitted in school but the child, not the teacher, must be responsible for removing these for PE. We ask parents to arrange for any ear piercing to be carried out at the beginning of a holiday period. No other body piercings are allowed. Watches are permitted, but will be taken off for games and PE lessons. Children should not wear make up or nail varnish in school.


Children with long hair should wear it in a neat style tied back out of the way. Hairbands and other fixings should be Royal Blue to match with the rest of the school uniform.

All hairstyles must be natural and tidy. Extremes of any kind (length, colour or style) are not acceptable and parents are required to accept the judgement of the school in deciding what is a permissible norm within the context of the school community.

Personal Property and Valuables

Parents are asked to help the school by making sure that all clothes are carefully named (this includes gloves, shoes, scarves, Wellington boots and so on) and that the child knows where the name is. Children get upset if they lose their things, and we cannot return un-named clothes. It is advisable not to allow a child to bring valuables of any kind to school – they can too easily be forgotten or mislaid, valuable toys can be broken, and young children also tend to lend or borrow items and make unsuitable ‘swaps’.

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