Our Philosophy


"Play is the highest form of research."
Albert Einstein

When you ask your child what he/she has been doing at school you, will probably be told, "just playing." At St Margaret's we believe that children learn best through play. Allowing children to follow their interests, encourages their intrinsic motivation and desire to learn. The children are involved in the setting up of the learning areas and their interests are taken into account, enabling us to provide a constantly evolving environment. We provide resources and activities that support learning and encourage children to become inquisitive and keen learners. We are as interested in 'how' the children learn as 'what' they learn.

The Importance of Talk - Chatter Matters

It may seem an obvious thing to say, but one of the best things we can do with young children is to have interesting and enjoyable conversations with them. What this mean is that as we go about out activities, whether at home, or out and about, we should make a special effort to answer children's questions, point out things that interest us, involve children in helping and planning what to do next - whether that's putting things out to play, tidying up, where to visit or any other activity you share. When reading a book with children, make a special effort to read slowly, with lots of fun and expression. Don't worry about stopping if the children ask you questions. Encourage them to join in with the sounds and rhymes of the story. Children who share lots of stories do better at school.  

Through using language and hearing how others use it, children become able to describe the world and make sense of their experiences. They learn to use language as a tool for thinking, collectively and alone. We want all children to be successful communicators. Research shows clearly children who have excellent language skills do better in their years at school and into adult life.

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