Maths at home

At St Margaret's we understand the importance of embedding  and building on from previous learning. We have carefully created a progression for the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, linked to our National Curriculum. This ensures children have the necessary building blocks in order to extend their understanding and can access their learning according to their own ability. 

To help support maths at home, we have created videos to model the progression for the four operations as well as an introduction to Numicon; each video is ordered based on the progression of skills.   We have also carefully planned our progression in calculation for different calculation methods, each building on from the one previous, which is part of our mathematical environment as children have access to this progression in their classrooms. 


1. Expanded Column Subtraction   






2. Expanded Column Subtraction - Adjusting




3. Compact Written Subtraction 




4. Compact Written Subtraction -  Adjusting




5. Compact Written Subtraction - Tens and Hundreds




6. Compact Written Subtraction - Zero in the Tens Column




7. Compact Written Subtraction - Decimals





1. Expanded Column Addition




2. Long Column Addition




3. Short Column Addition - Carrying in the ones 




4. Short Column Addition - Money




5. Short Column Addition - Money and Carrying in the ones  




6. Short Column Addition - Decimals





1. Let's cover the baseboard                                                       2. Find the matching shape










3. Picture Puzzles                                                                         4. More Matching










5. Patterns on the board                                                             6. Threading a pattern










7. Make a pattern and match the shape                                 8. Copy the pattern





9. Remember a pattern                                                               10. Jumbled Shapes





11. What's missing?                                                                      12. Swaps





13. Number the shapes                                                               14. Count the holes 





15. Match the numerals                                                               16. Feel the number





17. Number Towers                                                                      18. Introducing addition facts





19. Addition                                                                                    20. Adding ten





21. Taking Away                                                                             22. Find the difference 





23. Inverse                                                                                      24. Multiplication





25. Division





1. 2 digit x 1 digit expanded column




2. 2 digit x 1 digit grid method




3. 2 digit x 1 digit vertical method with partitioning   




4. 2 digit x 2 digit expanded and compact





1. 2 digit divided by 1 digit chunking method 




2. 3 digit divided by 1 digit chunking method with remainders




3. 3 digit divided by 1 digit chunking method




4.  3 digit divided by 1 digit short method




5. 3 digit divided by 1 digit with decimals  




6. Long Division 




7. 3 digit divided by 2 digit with decimals  




Three-in-One Key Stage Two Maths


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