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Christian Values 


Loving God ~ Serving Others ~ Fulfilling our Potential 

St. Margaret's School aims to provide a happy learning environment that encourages and develops the potential of all who work in it. Our aim is for each child to progress spiritually, academically, socially and physically within a Christian community and to leave with a love of learning and an awareness of God's love. While following the teachings of Jesus, children are encouraged to respect the beliefs of others, show tolerance towards individuals and learn from the wider world.

Being a church school we welcome pupils from across the borough of Crawley and further afield, catering for a wide range of abilities and social needs. Staff/pupil relationships are very good, and, despite the size of the school, parents frequently comment on the family atmosphere and their support for school and PTA activities is good.

Our Christian values underpin the life of the school and can be clearly seen in our worship, our curriculum and our relationships. St. Margaret's has grown considerably since the 1950's and building developments as a result of educational changes in the town provided the benefit of the development of a Special Support Centre for pupils with physical disabilities.

Our aim is for each child to progress academically, socially, physically and spiritually within a Christian community, leaving St. Margaret’s as confident independent learners with an awareness of God’s love.

Worship Ambassadors  

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Collective Worship 

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Reflection Areas and Prayer Space  

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